Anne's story

Simply Streamlined Has Shown Me I Am Capable!

Simply Streamlined has given me so much more than time back in my day, it has shown me that I am capable of running my home and I am capable of making small consistent changes that will have a positive impact in my life.

Before I became a member of Simply Streamlined, I was overwhelmed.

I had so many things that I needed to work on, I didn’t know where to start.  Kassy helped me realize that I can be consistent with the little things first and the big things will come in time.

Once I realized that, it was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders! 

You inspired me to do these baby steps! Doing these little things every day is a nice feeling all the time.

I’m no longer stressed I’m relaxed. 

I didn’t have to change everything all at once… I just had to commit to working on my tasks for 15 minutes a day. 

I was amazed how quickly things started to fall into place and I got more time in my day!

Before I started this program, I didn’t think it was possible to have a streamlined home. 

But it IS possible! You just have to want it and have the will to do it. Decide every day that you are going to tackle this and work on it. 

The 15 minutes a day method works so well for me because you think “Every day I’m doing this.” That way I don’t have to think about it, the decision is already made (and it is now a habit for me.) It gets easier and easier to stick with it every day. I don’t have to think about if it is the right time, or if I really want to do it, or if something else is more important. 

I set a timer and music to get me motivated and excited to start. Sometimes I stop at 15 minutes, sometimes I am motivated and I do a little bit more, but I am very aware of not doing it too long, otherwise it does’t work well for me. But I am very aware of my capacity so that I will still be motivated for the next day.

This helps because when you think “I’m so tired,” or “it’s too hard,”  with Simply Streamlined I have the help.

This story about my experience with Simply Streamlined and talking with Kassy is from the bottom of my heart. 

It is really helpful, but it’s so much more than helpful… 

Most things are helpful from a distance, but the live coaching calls with Kassy means that I have a guide who is near me and helps me every step of the way.

When we talk I feel like I’m not being judged, just helped. I don’t feel any pressure to do things a certain way, and she helps me find what will work best for my life.

It means so much to me because I experienced the high pressure in other areas of my life and it stresses me out. 

Here are some things that I have been able to accomplish so far!

The little things like the bathrooms and the kitchen are going really well!

It’s under control for the first time.

I wasn’t able to say that before Simply Streamlined, and it means so much to be able to say that now.

I am showing myself that I can do that do this!

I finally cleaned up the floor. I had IKEA bags and boxes from when I was moving. I was too overwhelmed to get started dealing with these things, because it was full of so many different things.

But then Kassy told me to just work on this, “one 15-minute block at a time.”

I had 15 minutes per day and I used it every day to declutter and now I am FREE!  The floor is free again! I am so happy!

I am so excited to continue the journey of Streamlining my Home with Kassy and continue to work through all of the tasks!