Hi, I’m Kassy!

Clutter always stressed me out. But when I became a mom, Clutter started pouring into my house faster than I could manage it.

I found myself spending way too much time “cleaning” (aka trying desperately to find a home for all of the stuff), and too much time stressing because my house always looked like a tornado had gone through it. No matter how much time I spent trying to make it look nice.

After getting fed up with having things so chaotic. I decided to see if I could enjoy the benefits of  decluttering (having a house that always looks clean), without having any of the drawbacks (having to constantly declutter).

And in the process, I stumbled upon the easiest way to keep my home clean and tidy. Which in turn enabled me to get multiple hours back every week!

If you want to streamline your home and get at least 7 Extra Hours in your Week, I’m here to help with every step of the way!