It had been my constant companion for as long as I could remember.

And I wasn’t a fan.

I knew that one day I wanted to live as stress-free as humanly possible. Even if that meant never getting married or having kids.

Then one day I met this guy that was kind of amazing and I realized that I didn’t want to do this life thing all by myself.

But how was I going to be a wife and a mom without stress? Was having a peaceful home even possible?

I figured there had to be a way… how hard could it be, right?

If only I had known! 😂

As you can probably guess, becoming a mom wasn’t the Pinterest-perfect scene I had envisioned.

You know, the one where the mom is spending most of her time making memories with her children in a perfectly clean house while serving delicious meals for dinner every evening?

The endless lists of tasks left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and like I had accomplished nothing at the end of the day.

Especially when my husband came home to behold a messy house and me frantically trying to get dinner together. (Is nursing a baby hard for anyone else??)

I started to wonder if being a relaxed mom was an unrealistic dream that I needed to give up on

But before I accepted my fate as a frazzled mom, I had to see if I could figure this out.

Armed with my experience in business and many, many hours babysitting and nannying, I decided to tackle head-on anything that was causing me stress and figure out if I could change it.

I started researching and experimenting to see if I could Simplify my Home.

But everything that I read promised to be the ONE solution to my overwhelm as a mom.

I tried to implement the solutions, but it just didn’t make sense to me that one thing was the answer to all of my problems.

Finally, I realized

  • Meal Planning alone wasn’t going to help me stay sane.
  • Having the perfect Routines alone wasn’t the answer to my problem.
  • Having our Finances in order, while nice, wasn’t going to help me thrive.
  • And Decluttering my house wasn’t going to help everything else work perfectly.

I needed to simplify all of these areas so that they could work together.

So I started experimenting again. 

I continued to work on this massive project until everything in my home was running like clockwork.

Finally, after 3 years of experimenting, I found the system that works! And after 9 more years of fine-tuning, I now know the most efficient way to implement this system!

I found out that not only is it possible to have a home that is Easy to Manage, but it is attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen… as long as you follow one simple rule:

You must have the 4 pillars of Home Management working in Harmony Together.

The Pillars of Home Management are: 

  • Taking Your Home from Cluttered to Calm
  • Effective Routines that Put Your Home on Autopilot
  • A Set-It-And Forget It Meal Plan
  • Having a Practical Budget that give you Financial Freedom.


Resolving any one of these areas in your home will give you some peace for sure.

But when all four work together, that’s when the synergy happens!

Now that I have 3 kids (two girls and a boy), my life can definitely get a little crazy!

But this type of crazy doesn’t cause me anxiety because I am able to rely on this foundation to keep my home ticking along like clockwork even in the busiest times.

One of my friends talked me into creating this website so I could share what I had discovered with other moms who were struggling to juggle everything. And eventually that turned into a YouTube Channel as well!

When I’m not creating content that helps Moms Streamline their Homes, I enjoy playing piano, helping my kids practice their instruments, trying new food, taking the kids to the park, the occasional triathlon, and doing monthly challenges to see if I can make my life even easier.

And on the weekends you can find me skiing, backpacking, hiking, riding bikes, and just hanging out with my family.

If you’d like to get in touch, visit my contact page!