Set-It-and-Forget-It.Save Money, Eat Healthier, and Plan Your Meals just once for the Whole Year.Meal Planning is frustrating because no matter how perfect your meal plan is one week.... you have create another one the next week... and the next... and the next.  </p>
<p>But it doesn’t have to be that way.</p>
<p>Set-It-and-Forget-It Meal Planning is an 1-Week Bootcamp designed to create your meal plan from start to finish. For the WHOLE YEAR.</p>
<p>You don’t want to miss setting up the 3rd Pillar<br />
of a streamlined home. </p>
<p>Once it is set up, you will get 1-2 hours back every week!</p>
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    Hi, I’m Kassy!

    When I first became a mom, I was overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to feed my family.

    I wanted to make healthy meals without having to constantly be cooking. But no matter what I did, I found myself spending way too much time in the kitchen.

    Finally, I decided to see if I could enjoy the benefits of meal planning (eating healthier, saving money, and spending less time cooking), without having any of the drawbacks (like having to meal plan every week).

    And in the process, I stumbled upon a way to Set and Forget my Meal Plan. Which in turn enabled me to get multiple hours back every week!

    If you want to streamline your home and get at least 7 Extra Hours in your Week, I’m here to help with every step of the way!