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Clutter Always Stressed Me Out.

Whenever I had a break from school, I would find a Decluttering Project and Tackle It!

This usually consisted of organizing game closets, pantries, or even my grandparents’ office if I wanted to get out of the house.

Whenever my family moved, I would place guidelines on my stuff to make sure I wasn’t bringing more to the new house than I needed to. And I would make sure that all of my belongings (outside of my clothes) would fit into one large UHAUL box.

To say I was a strange child would be an understatement.

I KNEW the clutter stressed me out… but I didn’t fully know HOW to deal with it. 

I typically dealt with the clutter by cleaning up the clutter, organizing the clutter, cleaning around the clutter, and decluttering small areas one at a time.

It wasn’t until I had my first baby and clutter seamed to pour into my house faster than I could maintain It, that I decided to get off of the endless decluttering rollercoaster and declutter my home FOR GOOD.

But I started exactly where you are right now, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired. And frantically trying to make the house look clean as clutter kept piling in.

If that describes how you are feeling, then you’ve come to the right place, My Friend!

It is possible for you to have a Completely Decluttered Home too.

I know that you have what it takes to do this thing!

And not only will you experience Less Stress, More Peace, and an Easy to Clean Home. You will get to enjoy life, instead of having to constantly clean up after it.

It used to take me forever to decide what to wear. I would spend hours trying on clothes before a trip because I couldn’t even remember what all I had in my closet.
Now it takes me almost no time at all to get dressed because I only have clothes that I love and use consistently. It is so easy to find exactly what I am looking for now that everything is organized by color and folded properly!
The best part of the project was that I found my favorite jeans that I thought I had lost years ago! Thank you for your help!

So What’s Included in Cluttered to Calm?

I Thought You’d Never Ask!

“My pantry was a huge source of frustration for me. I wasted money at the grocery store because I wasn’t sure what I had on hand, and I could never find what I was looking for when I needed it.
Now I smile whenever I walk into my pantry because it is so neat and organized.. and I’m saving money at the grocery store!” 

Cluttered to Calm

How it Works!

1. Set the Stage

Ever start Decluttering only to lose steam?

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again!

Starting with key mindsets will keep you from getting bogged down and will help you to complete your goal.

The first few lessons will show you how it’s done.

2. Get Your Family on Board

Want to declutter but your family has resisted your past effort?

Not a problem!

I’ll give you tips and tricks for getting your family not only onboard, but actually excited about decluttering their own things.

Sound too good to be true? See for yourself!

3. Take Out the Stress

Once we have our head in the game and our family on board, THEN we start decluttering.

But this isn’t just a little decluttering course that you do on the side. No, no, no.

This is a jump in with both feet and *completely* declutter your house in 8 weeks course!

Each week you will watch the lesson(s), then declutter the rooms assigned that week.

4. Keep the Peace

Phew! You did it! Your house is decluttered.

Now what?

Your going to put boundaries in place to make sure that you never have to go through all of that hard work again!

The final step is establish rules inside your family and set boundaries outside of your family. 

What You’ll Get:

1) The Cluttered to Calm Workbook

This Printable Workbook has everything you need to Clear Your Clutter once and for all.

($29 Value)

Inside the Workbook:

  • A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Declutter 
  • A Detailed Checklist for Every Room inside (and outside!) your House
  • A Step-By Step Guide for Getting Your Family Involved

2) The Spreadsheet

The Cluttered to Calm Spreadsheet enables you to organize your decluttering project digitally.

Inside the Google Spreadsheet:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide for How to Declutter 
  • Worksheets with Detailed Checklists for Every Room inside (and outside!) the House
  • A Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Your Family Involved 


($29 Value)

3) The Lessons

($799 Value)

Inside the Course You’ll Learn:

  • Proven methods to make decluttering easier
  • Mindsets for successful decluttering
  • How to get your family on board with decluttering
  • How to declutter every room in your house
  • Where to start and every step along the way
  • Weekly live coaching calls so you can ask questions and get help!
  • Bonus Lessons from Set-It-And-Forget-It Meal Planning and Put Your Home on Autopilot!

Will this work for me?

Yes! If…

    • You want your home to feel clean and tidy all the time.
    • You have tried to declutter before, but have never finished
    • You want to declutter, but you don’t know where to start
    • You feel stressed by the amount of stuff in your house.
    • You want to declutter, but you aren’t sure how to get your family on board.
    • You are tired of having to clean all the time, but worry if you stop that it will get out of control.
    • You desperately need some downtime, but you can’t take a break.
    • You are ready to do something about it!

    Probably Not If…

    • You home is already organized.
    • The amount of stuff that you have doesn’t bother you.
    • You enjoy organizing and don’t want it to take less time.
    • Everyone in your house is good at putting their things away.
    • You have plenty of free time.
    • You don’t feel overwhelmed.

    Meet Your Instructor:

    Hi, I’m Kassy!

    When I first became a mom, I was overwhelmed by trying to manage my home. I wanted to keep my house clean without cleaning all the time.

    But no matter what I did, I found myself spending way too much time cleaning.

    So instead of letting Mom Life get the best of me, I took my background in business and created systems to make my life easier…

    And in the process, I stumbled upon a way to Clear my Clutter for good!

    Now I want to help you do the same!


    I love walking into my room now! It feels so much bigger!

    - Claire, a client's four-year-old daughter

    Yours for Only


    Still Have Questions?

    I have answers! 

    What is Cluttered to Calm?

    Cluttered to Calm is an intensive decluttering course where you declutter your home in 8 weeks or less.

    Every week during the program you can join group coaching calls to ask any question that you have.

    The course has video lessons every week with what you need to know for that week’s assignment including: how to get your family on board with decluttering, items that you should definitely keep in each room of your home, items you can get easily get rid of in each area of your home, and the steps to take to completely declutter every area of your house.

    Who is this for?

    Any mom who feels overwhelmed with the clutter in their home. Cluttered to Calm will take all of the guesswork out of decluttering!

    Anyone who has tried to declutter in the past but it hasn’t worked for them. This unique method of decluttering with weekly coaching calls and built-in deadlines will help you complete this project.

    Anyone who doesn’t want to have to keep decluttering over and over again.

    Anyone who wants to save time decluttering!

    Who is this NOT for?

    Anyone who is not stressed out by their clutter. Everyone has a different capacity for chaos, and if you are currently loving life the way that your house is, then you won’t be motivated to declutter it.

    People who don’t want to do any work. It takes hard work to get your house completely decluttered, and I know you can do it… but you have to want it!

    People who don’t want to change. Change can be hard! If what you are doing isn’t working, being willing to change and learn a better way can get you started down the right path.

    What if I'm not good at Decluttering?

    No worries! That’s what I’m here for!

    This course is perfect for people who have a hard time sticking with decluttering because it has built in accountability urgency to help you get it done quickly.

    Plus the weekly coaching calls will help you along the way!

    What if I have a Type B Personality?

    Cluttered to Calm is perfect for Type B personalities because it will give you more time that you can spend not worrying about cleaning up clutter!

    Decluttering will give you much-needed down time as a mom.

    And Cluttered to Calm will help you get to the other side in the quickest way possible.

    Is there a Time Limit to complete the course?

    The live course will take place over 8 weeks. During that time you will have weekly live group coaching calls.

    After the 8 weeks, you will have access to the lesson materials for life including the recordings of the coaching calls!

    You can also take the course live as many times as you would like and you can join the weekly coaching calls any time they are available.

    Is this a One-Time Purchase? Are there any Hidden Fees?

    Yes, it’s that easy! Just one purchase and you will have access to the content for the lifetime of the course!

    You can even go through the course live again in the future if you want and have your questions answered in the live workshops for no additional cost.

    Inside the course you will not be asked to purchase anything else. I do make suggestions for organizational items that I like, but I actually suggest that you DON’T buy a bunch of containers when you declutter. Instead, declutter until you don’t need the containers!

    Can I get a Refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    I am fully confident that Cluttered to Calm will change your life.

    But, if in the first 14 days of the program you haven’t seen any improvement in your home, contact me for a full refund!